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Street Life decades log 's is the first founder of a significant and i...

Street Life decades log 's is the first founder of a significant and i...

Street Life decades log 's is the first founder of a significant and important part of the journey for street and Holly Marder was very personal. Over time inside than private domestic food (style), photography, wedding and lifestyle content ranging from shifts in travel-based content and especially in recent years, we have seen their design work. Those of you who have followed along these pages will know to shut down emotionally, but it is the natural next step. Street Design Studio We have since merged to form three years ago are working towards building a new website and have not stopped behind the scenes to achieve this goal. Us in our work, inspiration, while sharing project progress and felt increasingly less relevant blogs to share everything in that time, Instagram gradually became more common platforms. What we are doing, we felt it was time to launch a new platform is a true representation of who and where we are going. We are pleased to share in the pride of an elite handful of new projects, which share portfolio and our work will continue in the new Journal of particles and their lives.

I want to thank you for your continued support in the years to follow, and hope you enjoy the new website. See you on the flip side!

Hey guys, where Holly and the other half of my personal projects, I'm not sharing with you the last renovation in Delft employees back to my home. we have a bigger kitchen As you may recall from the last task (here's a look at all of them) and make a great living space on the lower floor of our house has been extended into space. Our Instagram you need to catch a little background on 'projectdelft' under the so-called fed to highlight our story you can find all the renovations progress. But today, we are opening our doors to you again and you'll share with you a new living room.

These elongated target was to create a light in space, full of light back to balance and contrast sensitivity of materiality plenty going pared 's spacious feel despite their modest size living space. Results season ever the importance of a clean, ensuring maximum light, comfortable rooms is a layered yet.

Holly kids here ,. If you follow us on Instagram, you know I've been working on a secret project behind the scenes - their home renovation. I've kept the studio in an intensive program other design projects are unfolding around me, including living on running down the middle of a building site chaos firmly under navigation while he completed last year, it was quite epic adventure as usual hustle and bustle of family life and all of a person growing up! Now that we have settled the dust (literally) I'm ready to share the results with you. Our Instagram on site 'projectdelft' under the so-called fed to highlight our story you can find all the renovations progress. After three days the suspect who share their dirty work, that brings me a lot of pride and joy to share with you that first appeared in the series - a brand new kitchen!

Street is a beautiful kitchen designed by Design Studio, brings direct and Engler, sustainable kitchens and furniture to Norway our friends og Ask You are entering new ground floor and greatly improved through a set of glass doors put together in collaboration with over bamboo. As you may recall I feel love in their workspace Drammen there we visited them in their homes and studios to create a series of photographs and it was a while ago. Hard. grains, finishes, they spoke to me in a big way and features minimalist sensitivity of the organic material. After a short while he journeys when it comes to kitchen design for my own home, Engler og Kristoffer ask of Kin and wasted no time in reaching out. Get the full scoop

We sense this feeling of renewal and change at home, changes such as the transition between seasons is every bit as satisfying as the soul is experiencing the outdoors. Here in Europe, light than those chilly evenings make for a richer, warmer, adding palette and soft textile, always something to give a little bit of a refurbishment and comfortable in our homes fall much as us roll winter is inspired to make extra comfortable. No major updates needed, but only a few accessories and textiles swap out with such an effect, and today we BEMZ cooperation, dark to light transition from the living area you can just thrilled to how they have done sharing.

Have you heard earlier BEMZ? They present the best-selling Swedish label and has a nice cover that allows for discontinued Ikea sofas and armchairs. They offer a large range of sofa cover fabric in its own in-house collection but also Designers Guild, Christian Lacroix and including Tom Dixon works in partnership with well-known designers. We chose to work with their collection of famous Designers Guild fabrics for this project and with the quality we know love simple and contemporary sofa Soderhamn, British brand value. Click through to see what we came up with!

Hi guys, this is Holly's it! As you know, our recent announcement of Instagram, I, I have a second baby due in February means there will be big sister Lola! and us - when he was about 8 years old, that's pretty important to him. In preparation for the new arrival, we were to meet our new little house more functional transition begin by Lola fresh and new 'big girl' space, starting as soon as I felt it was important people get settled in his new position. We offer more space for a bigger table (in his old room to room) A new bedroom was decided to relocate it. In fact, you may recognize the space, it's our old bedroom! We are already using a number of new tracks plus a lot of nice Farrow & Ball fund had what, how sweet a little sophisticated for our big girl, but the rooms look down the sights.

In this room then quickly began lathering white paint all the colors of the rainbow will remember that a good take out our bedroom over the entire surface. We are crisp, clean bedroom (this was back in 2015) is pleased for us this time while I enjoyed being renovated while other areas of the house. Lola's new room to meet him for his creativity and fun, but more grown up than it did to meet the needs of old and wanted to give him more room for personal space. Warm and inviting room with a neutral base, but certainly not soft. I've loved for a long time Farrow & Ball wallpaper and generally Tourbillon 'wallpaper persons' If I were not, I found it a perfect opportunity to use this when designing a new room. Get the full scoop

Hey guys, this is Holly! Long time no see. Last summer my family and I Scandinavian charm of nature, in the quest for peace, and this way we all loved so much that it took three weeks for the adventure and out of Sweden's south east coast in Denmark. We camp for the first time and I am pleased with this report and still survived unscathed after being married in three different camp sites along the way (ok a boutique hotel and charming bed and breakfast annnnd because, well, balance)! I my mind shared some snaps over on Instagram but not here and then revisit the images to a photo album that you are prepared recently from a trip to what I saw once again Scandi emotions channel and wanted to share some and made you!

Our journey hopping up all along the coast, then boarded a ferry Gotland, Sweden ferry across several southern East Coast, on the south west coast of Denmark, Hamburg, via Germany, the Netherlands and took us back home again. I would recommend a visit highlights and we went back with some addresses (alone or with family in tow) we collected a few for anyone wishing to embark on a similar adventure.

Hey folks, Drammen design duo Kin and Kristoffer, Norway, last year while visiting our beautiful late Czech, Scandinavian falls today to share the house tour. we took a trip to remember both their studio spaces were recently in Norway Interiør Magasinet magazine, published a 24-page spread, and we are excited to share their home with you today. Each space peppered designs and Kin views of the valley with their bamboo furniture and sweeping Kristoffer minimalist yet rooted in a deep personal appreciation of their sustainability and a refuge for warm Scandinavian aesthetic with functionality, we create all. So reading for a full tour, I think you will love it!

design duo and Kristoffer Stenersen Kin Eng four years ago moved away from Oslo to the Drammen house in question, the main agenda was to find a home for the growing family. When the first child is waiting, they offered peace space, functionality and sense fell to their hillside home.

"We spent our twenties living in Oslo, but we also come originally from Drammen. We never thought our son was not until moving back home and suddenly we had someone else to think outside ourselves. At the same time, og Sor Eng. "Logistically more sense to double jump by house overlooking accordance Drammen for a cozy family life and who found only a stone's throw works and instead of having a gap here in Oslo Drammen from their studio space. Get the full scoop

Today, we're excited to share this little impromptu shots we made during the former interior design project to install some new accessories and home customers recently giving a whole new updates to lighting. We are a great example of this relatively small but effective styling project because we wanted to show. Be ready for some serious envy selfies!

I (Hedda) (Street Design Studio as a pre-merge) that the renovation was completed in 2015. A beautiful family home to the old and tired hired to help renovate an office building in a 1890 mansion in The Hague. The four-storey over 6 months and results, project complete tear was still one of my personal favorites; Even on the ground floor in a separate granny flat / apartment's rent. It brought back the original period features and highlighted during the build and that we create the base was found to be truly timeless. This mosaic shows gorgeous kitchen sink with a built-in bench mosaic ceiling shelves and beautiful ceramics, kitchen accessories and create a collection of oak-covered niches. As we were when first installed until just after you pass a lot of time to see if there are good loved returning to this great project. Get the full scoop

Looking for an Extension Master Gardener program in your state?

Almost all Master Gardener programs in the United States provide education through a state grant university and the Cooperative Extension Service and are considered Extension Master Gardener programs. Extension Master Gardeners receive and recommend university- and research-based information through the Cooperative Extension System. The State Extension Master Gardener programs listed below follow the guidelines below:

The organization is affiliated to a university for the training and training of volunteers.

Their focus is to train EMG volunteers to distribute information to the public.

The organization proposes research-based information to the public.

The organization has a certificate program for volunteers.

The organization has a focus on training rather than promoting commercial products or assets.

Several Master Gardener programs in Canada and the United States are not managed by a public grant university or the Cooperative Extension Service, but are linked to the Extension Master Gardener program through work with the two-year International Master Gardener Conference (IMGC). and look for the Excellence rewards program. Thanks to the IMGC, a tradition of volunteer and educational services is honored.