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Edible Garden LA / Lauri Kranz

Edible Garden LA / Lauri Kranz

Edible Garden LA / Lauri Kranz

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Hurricane Sandy is on its way to New York, but there is still power and Internet connection at home, I ... I wanted to share with you some new commissioned works - -

While in Los Angeles recently, he has asked me to take a few portraits and photographs of her work Lauri Kranz. Laura is a woman behind La Edible Garden. In his own words, "Edible Garden LA, creates and maintains organic vegetable garden plants. Lauri Kranz local schools and companies Edible Garden with garden Le chef who teaches a home garden to grow interested in lush gardens full of organic vegetables, families and helps everyone. "

afternoon visit two of her garden - the most incredible views of Bel Air and other nice garden and a lush garden perched in the Hollywood hills. Second Lauren garden of orchids and other plants (- As you can see, he had a pretty amazing that this orchid fight, but I was amazed at everything in the greenhouse) were grown in the greenhouse were separate. Le Many gardens are upset with the intense heat wave two months, but when you take a photo of them in this garden were still hanging in there - I'm impressed!

You can read a great article about Laura, her projects and clients HERE LA Times blog. If you are willing to work with Laura, his website contains contact information.

A great day for shooting and Lauren Big thank you to hire me to catch her studies.

Brian - I discovered the only impressive images !! I love his style. Give the site a photog north and I also curated in Boston, MA is not an editor. We just had more to show our readers today !! photography lens and clicks - Here's the link. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration. I can not wait to show you more of your work. Best of all, Meghttp: //

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