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The prairies encompass everything I love. The quiet, distant sounds th...

The prairies encompass everything I love. The quiet, distant sounds th...

The prairies encompass everything I love. The quiet, distant sounds that calm; the open air that inspires; the smells that bring comfort, and the sunshine that warms me. My Prairie Story is about sharing all the good things that have been instilled in me growing up and living on the prairies - my new and old family recipes, nurturing my homegrown garden, making my house a home, getting away to our cabin at the lake, and just keeping up with life! ~ Alison Zulyniak


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Homemade Wasp Trap

Ok... this is kind of gross, but clearly it works. Once the wasps go in the bottle they can't figure out how to get out so they get trapped and die. This will minimize wasps, but the only way to eliminate them is to remove their nest or kill the queen.

1) Cut the neck off a plastic pop bottle.

2) Remove the bottle cap and flip the neck upside down and place it in the bottle opening that you just cut.

3) Tape together using packing tape or duct tape.4) Bait the trap. The easiest is sugar and water, but I've also read that meat works well in the spring and early summer because wasps are attracted to protein, or other options are sugar and water, water and vinegar, beer, soda, even laundry detergent. Adding petroleum jelly or cooking oil along the steep edges of the trap can cause them to lose their footing and fall into the hole.5) Hang the trap by either taping a string to it, or affixing a screw that you can use to hang.6) Empty the trap - but first make sure the wasps are dead by pouring boiling water in or freezing. Personally, I'll just dispose of entire trap and make a new one.

One last note, be mindful where you place the trap as living wasps will be attracted to it. Place a distance from where your kids or pets will be spending time. Our son's school place these on the perimeter of the play yard.

Wasp-man says: Enjoy the flowers! How ironic, W.A.S.P. also came over from Europe too! Can't beat'em.. Lick'em and then run for the border! Haha! (You gotta try this atleast once) Not!

If you want to keep the bees away from your garden, your garden will not do very well at all. Especially, if you plant anything that flowers. There is a quote out there that says something along the lines of "Once the bees disappear, man has no more than five years left on this Earth". How about we try to plant bee-attracting plants at the far edges of our yards instead of killing the ones we have left. There has been an epidemeic die-off of honey bees worldwide these last few years.

@Anonymous: Absolutely environmentally friendly! It involves no poisons, and the environment of my porch is much nicer without all the stinging insects buzzing at me.

Sure, wasps may be a part of the ecosystem, but I'd say that killing a couple handfuls of wasps (well, they kill themselves, technically) in a particular area does not seem like it would impact things too severely.

I think that what people mean by this is not environmentally friendly is that you are using a plastic bottle!!! Plastic is the most dangerous substance known to the environment. It will still be in the ground, water, forests and sea's until the end of time!!! So no this is not at all environmentally friendly, but it is a good way to kill wasps without poisons!!!

Honestly. We're killing wasps. Nobody (with any sense) wants bees to die. Plastic might be bad. But it's ubiquitous and unavoidable, and you're on the internet. I don't know how you can be on the internet without using plastic and some earthly resources. Please be hypocritical on your own board. Awesome idea to the poster and thank you for it! I'm going to go out there and trap some wasps because they sneak into our bedroom and sting us and our unsuspecting cat. Us and cat > wasps. Most life on earth > wasps.

I find it interesting that people want to kill wasps but then complain about mosquitoes. It's the wasps that eat the mosquitoes, silly! Just like bees are needed for pollination, wasps are also an important part of our environment who help keep the insect population down.

Thanks for all the great discussion. I'll be making a couple of these tonight... we just found a HUGE wasp nest right by our front door. I don't want my kids or guest to be bothered or stung by a nasty wasp!

Wasps and Bees both like the same things that are listed above. If there is a strong population of bees around your house you will more thank likely kill a good number of them too as well... Think about it.

@Scott --Re-using the plastic bottles does not make it un-environmental, it is called recycling. Yes plastic is bad, but to make these traps, you are just using plastic that you already have.

I use this trap for mosquitoes as well, but the recipe is yeast and brown sugar. It does work. I will not use this for wasp, unless they get too aggressive. I have a huge reduction in Bee's and Wasp this year. and humming birds. And a huge increase in mosquitoes. Time to build bat houses.

what is your recipe for the yeast and brown sugar method to lower your mosquito it works well we should suggest it to those living in Africa...would bring down the number of cases of malaria

Louisiana has a bee like the ones in the picture that live below the ground and they are aggressive.They are true bees and not wasps and will attack you if you get too close while cutting grass.By then you are inundated with formic aid and will need allergy shots.Big Al

Use a protein based bait instead of sugar water. The honeybees will be attracted to the sugar water. Meat does not attract honeybees. Or even better use left over tuna water. Seems to work well and not trap honeybees.

don't use just sugar water because bees are attracted to it. I read that you should use sugar, vinegar, and salt mixture because bees won't go for the sweet/sour odor but wasps will. I also got that tip from pinterest but it didn't give the amounts of each ingredient, so I'm not sure how much of each to use.

Plant some citronella and/or cascading geraniums. The citronella gives off a pleasant smell as well as the geraniums. I got this idea from and used it and I've not had a problem with Mosquitos at all. Hope this helps!

We use Avon Skin So Soft instead of bug spray on our skin. It smells great & it works fantastic. Not oily or greasy. Also, I saw a post on Pinterest about using Listerine as a mosquito repellent. I tried it & it works! I just poured some in a spray bottle then sprayed the perimeter where we were sitting. I sprayed around about a 9x9 area & no mosquitos came past the Listerine. Shocking but it worked.

There's one very similar to this post that I found via pinterest, same concept but filled with sugar water and yeast, instructions found here hope this helps!

Geraniums are infamous for naturally repelling mosquitos too! They hate the scent emmited. You can purchase natural geranium repellant from any health food store, or make your own with pure geranium oil.

I found the mosquito trap recipe, too! Wish I can put the picture in here but looks same way as seen here for wasp.Supplies:1 2 liter soda bottleA sharp knifeBlack paperTapeCandy thermometerTake a 2 liter soda bottle. Cut off the top right below where it starts to narrow for the top, invert and place inside the lower half.Make a simple sugar syrup.Ingredients:1 cup sugar1 cup water2 cups cool water1 tsp. active dry yeastBring 1 cup of the water to a boil. Dissolve the sugar into the boiling water. Once the sugar is dissolved completely, remove the pan from the heat. Stir in 2 cups cool water, stir well. Check the temperature of the syrup to make sure it is no hotter than 90 degrees F, if hotter, let cool to 90 degrees F, add 1 tsp. active dry yeast, no need to mix. Put syrup in the bottom part of the bottle, using the cut off neck piece, leave in place. Be sure to seal the two parts of the bottle with the tape. The fermenting yeast will release carbon dioxide. Put black paper around the bottle since mosquitoes like dark places and carbon dioxide. This mosquito trap will then start working. TIPS: Put the trap in a dark and humid place for 2 weeks, you'll see the effect. You'll have to replace the mosquito solution every 2 weeks.

Little known but very effective .....use the herb Penny Royal to repel mosquitoes. If you grow Penny Royal, then all you do is pick some and rub it on your clothes and skin. Don't discard what's left...just put it somewhere around your door to help keep them outside. You can also buy Penny Royal essential oil....use a couple of drops in a carrier oil (any oil will do, even olive oil)....shake to distribute then rub on skin as a repellant. WORKS !!

Please only use meat in these traps. Honey bees are attracted to sugar water and we certainly want to protect them as much as possible. My husband is a beekeeper and the yellow jackets killed most of his hives last year. Traps that catch yellow jackets are great but please save those honey and mason bees.

Have a beekeeper come and relocate the queen. Will solve your problem, and help them out. Honey bees are really crucial to pollination, and vegetation, and actually, locally produced honey helps with allergies. Protect those honeybees, don't kill. Relocate.

so how do you get rid of bumble bees that have nested inside your concrete front step n burrow in the ground to continue to get to their nest. My dad is allergice and this is a night mare for me. Exterminator has come out 4 time. Didn't like to do it, but my dad is just as important as bumble bees. Any ideas?

Sarah, as a beek I'd have to agree with other comments saying relocate(HONEYBEES)when possible. If others are suggesting u relocate bumble bees, invite them over. Experience has taught me there are instances which call for other measures. When it comes to bees, the queen rules. You have to kill her to destroy the colony. This is the method I used to help a family in a simular situation with honeybees when the colony was inaccessable. I'm guessing it'll work for you to. Determine entrance hole. Create a landing area that the bees will walk on when entering the nest area. You'll have to be creative to fit your situation.(I hot glued a plastic lid to a cement wall.)Place powdered pesticide in this landing area. The bees walk thru this and track it into the nest. This will take some time but is more effective in the long run. I'm assuming you won't have potective chothing so be sure to work quietly at night when they are not as active. I've heard using a red light is best. Good luck.

Again, thanks for all the feedback. I'm going to try to make this trap with some meat / bacon to try, and if so, I'll update the post! We just found a massive wasp next buried in the ground by our front door. We've destroyed the next, but hundreds of wasps are still trying to find their home. SCARY!!!!

PLEASE only use things in this trap that will attract wasps and not bees. We're going to be in serious trouble if the bee population keeps dying out. Bees are not aggressive like wasps and will only sting if they feel threatened. There's no reason to trap and kill bees.

Exactly right! Honey bees are very necessary to plants and we need them!! I am making one of these traps and will use meat if someone can explain it better... raw meat? meat in water? or just sitting in the bottom of the trap??

Somebody needs to spend a little time with a caulk tube instead of building a bee trap. Bees will only nest where bees can get! I've had them removed from houses I've owned twice and both times I accepted full blame for having holes large enough for them to get in. There are keepers out there that want them and will capture the hive for free. Our species will not survive without these guys to pollinate for us.

Yes mites to a degree... but what is REALLY killing off the honey bees in record numbers is pesticides. Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, France, Cyprus, Germany, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia and Sweden have banned bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides. The USA has not. The use of thiamethoxam, clothianidin, and imidacloprid on crops is destroying bee populations.

Ande, I agree that we should protect beneficial bees, etc, however, your idea of caulking up every tiny hole a bee or wasp can get into is NOT an option for those who live in really old trailers...nearly EVERY screw hole and perforation (all along every 4 inches or so top and bottom of siding) would have to be "filled". Have you ever seen a pre 1970 mobile home?

Here is a great pic for an example. There are numerous "screws" that fall out every few inches (bees can get into) all along and up and down the "siding", and the rippled design of the siding allows for easy access pretty much everywhere else. Caulk = Not an option.

I made one today and can't wait to see if we catch any. The bees and wasps hang around my back deck where my kids go out and play. Since they might be allergic to bee stings (my husband and mother-in-law are, so it runs in our family), I wanted to do something to cut down on the bees near where my kids play. Thanks for a great idea! It was simple to make, cheap, and took less than 5 minutes! :)

to the people that want an answer on how to handle mosquitoes go to they sell allsorts of natural repelants for pests, I really like the little [fly predators] they go after the pest flys and never bother people and they absolutely work! they have a new remedy for mosquitoes to. I love the wasp trap idea, I used a similar trap for bumble bees years ago and it traped everyone of the nest. Thanks JW, Florida.

that looks like a great idea but correct me if i'm wrong, aren't those yellow jackets and not actually wasps?? Also, will this also trap bees because that could be a real problem. Bees are a necessity to have in and around your property so I would really rather not take a chance on killing them. Just a thought...=o)

Yellow jackets are of the wasp family. They are attracted to protein like fish ham or turkey ham early in the season/spring and then they are attracted to sweet carbs like juice and sugar later in the season/fall. Keep the meat fresh, once it spoils, it won't work. I got this info here:, scroll down for the bait info. Hope that helps someone.

We have a horrible time with this in the fall so we tried the meat trap and it was a total fail. Will be trying the sweet trap this time. We have used a similar one where flies were an issue, just put a bit of milk and it worked well but beware the odor.

Mountain Dew seems to work best in these traps. Meat never seems to work for us no matter what season. The trick is to put the trap out about an hour before you will be in the area, otherwise you still have the buggers swarming around looking for the trap. Also, for all those concerned about beneficial bees, we have been using these traps for years with sugar water, Mountain Dew, fruit juice, etc. and never once have we caught a honey bee... just those nasty stinging wasps. I guess honey bees are just too smart! :) Also, we don't place the trap in our flower garden which probably helps.

Because carpenter bees bore holes in everything that's wood....the trap is a little more complicated than this wasp carpenter bee traps....instructions to build are on youtube and u can buy them online....we just bought one today....we expect great results!

I agree with not killing bees and wasps just because they are annoying, but if your children and yourself are deathly alergic to their stings. Then you do what you need to do. I like these kinds of options because no chemicals are added to the enviroment.

If you hang the trap right under the place where wasps are coming in and out, they are too protective to allow honey bees to be hanging around their nest entrance. Please don't be alarmed. Honey bees will not be harmed unless you place this trap where they are gathering.

I know of a few people who have done this with the sweet juices and it worked amazing and DIDN'T CATCH A SINGLE BEE! They stayed away from the trap and were still flying around, but the jackets and wasp were going in. So the bees seem to be fine.

Thanks for the post! I made a trap with sugar/water yesterday but so far no results. I will wait another day and then try to put something else in it as bait. As for those who are worried about killing the bees... I am allergic to bees and I have to small girls. We often get yellow jackets in our house and have huge bumblebees in our garage. I would much rather save myself and family, than save the the bees!!

I would think leftover soft drink would work- we've been working outside the last few days, and accidentally left our drink bottles out there- the next day, there were several wasps in the bottle, either dead or slowly flying around, so this little extra step would eliminate them getting out.I didn't see any bees in the bottle, although there were some 'bumbles flying around the flowers nearby.

An additional suggestion is to put a drop of Dawn dish soap into whatever liquid you've got in the bottle. Wasps can drown but they don't because they have a waxy coating on their bodies that keeps 'em bouyant (anyone with a pool can testify to this!) Put a small amount of degreaser, like Dawn, into the water and it removes the wax and they will drown - you won't have to worry about live wasps in the bottle! I always put soapy water in my traps and smear fish on the inner walls of the bottle during the spring and honey in the summer. Also, I've never caught a bee...only nasty wasps!

we lived out in the country and had a bad problem with flies. the local feed store carried fly traps that are similar to this but the liquid inside smelled HORRIBLE!!!! i smelled like liquid garbage. but it worked. just dont put it by your house. the smell was realllly bad

my hubby does this with a store bought wasp catcher thingy, and yes its same principle, he uses left over root beer or soda whatever and he only catch wasps, ants other flying bugs...never never has he caught a bumble bee, etc. THey must be smarter than this...:) we are in Calif. the wasps go nuts in the our back yard. :)

For those worried about the honey bees, they ABSOLUTELY are attracted to soda! My landlord keeps a small hive and last summer I made the mistake of leaving my car windows down with an open can of Pepsi inside. I came back to her entire hive having migrated to my car!!

These are yellow jackets you need to be very careful. They are dangerous! These are the kind of bees most people are allergic to. If you disturb them or kill one near the nest they will attack. The trap talked about here will work on them. You may have to call an exterminater to take care of these. Because it will only take care of some of them the queen bee will still be in the nest.

They absolutely will attack. I've been there, done that. My grandfather (really old school, really country) poured gasoline in the ground. I don't recommend that, at ALL. Let's not kill the environment any faster, lol. However, I would really recommend calling an exterminator, because they can harm pets, and children who like to play with holes and they are a nuisance, aggressive and territorial. And, the likelihood is if there's one in ground hive, you've got another. Flower beds are a big favorite of these pests. My grandmother was attacked by a swarm in her roses when I was a kid.

I think it is pretty self explanatory. You cut the top of the bottle off and then turn the piece you cut off upside down and put it in the bottle you just took it from. Then tape it. It just uses ONE bottle.

We have problems with all of them. And I am very allergic to bees and wasp. In some states the bee keepers are not allowed to come help you when you have a bee problem. That is who I use to call when we had bee problems. I agree we need the bees, and they do sting also when you least expect it. All of my ER visits were from the bee stinging me when I was ether sitting or standing in my yard. When I had bee keeper come out in the past I was told someone was not taking care of their bees and that is why we were having problems with them. As for the remark about caulking to stop bees, wasp they will find the tiniest of a hole and make nest. So yes for caulking but you can not see every hole or crack in your home. I do like this idea and will try it.

My family keeps honey bees, for those of you that are deathly allergic: if you don't freak out and present a threat, they don't sting for the sake of stinging. They may not have the biggest brains but all creatures understand death and they try to avoid it. I have had them crawling all over my arms and body and lo-and behold I have never been stung because I remained calm. Everyone wants to put blame on anything and anyone else but themselves.

I cannot believe how cranky some people are about this. Yes I love local honey and am concerned about the bee population...but if they are near by backdoor and trying to nest near my house- they invaded my territory so its fair game. People need to be considerate to this author and be kind about their comments.

Bees roam up to 3 miles away from their hives to find pollen,s o just because you see them near your house doesn't mean they're invading your home. In the spring, sugar water will attract them. How hard is it to add vinegar to your trap to avoid killing the bees?

I agree, we need honey bees..but those yellow jackets during a picnic are a real pain..especially when they end up in a childs mouth that just rank their koolaid...take traps to your reunions!! And, keep your lawns mowed to keep honey bees from stinging your little ones toes... <3

This was hysterical. And for the poor guy looking for something to kill the carpenter bees, I don't know if something like this would work or not? I know they are a pain in the ass. To the person so confused on why you would want to kill the harmless little buggers, well, when you have them taking up residence in your new log cabin, the battle lines have been drawn.

OMG not a wasp sting! It's the end of the world!People seriously need to get over their fears. It doesn't hurt that bad. If you're allergic, fine, avoid the wasps and bees, wear an epi-pen, don't go massacring hundreds of innocent insects.

Let me ask you guys this, would you drown mice and rats just because they were on your property? Well likely many of you have things such as Warfarin out there (which I might add can kill yours and your neighbours cats and dogs). Warfarin kill by internal hemorrhaging; did you know that? The rodents bleed internally, blood putting so much pressure on the insides it's painful to move. Then they die.

Drowning... I'm sure we've all heard it's the worst way to go. So why do it to an unsuspecting animal? Are we better than them? No. Just different. Killing things for the sake of killing them is wrong.

Here's a better, humane solution.Put something sweet that DOESN'T kill, at the other end of your yard. Make it irresistible. It will lure them there, and away from you so they don't bother you. This way too, it'll attract them all; killing them just means more will keeps coming.

We have wasps in the pillars of our patio on the home we just bought. One was flying around my son, who swatted it away, and it ended up stinging his eye. Yes, HIS EYE. He is FOUR. So yes, a wasp IS a big deal. Don't make ignorant statements - my son didn't deserve what he went through from simply swatting it away from his face.

Not that this helps - I tried it with sugar water and a popsicle and all we caught was a june bug. This was after my son was stung (and who knows how many times the dog has been stung, I lost count at 6.)

reprimanding strangers on the internet is just plain silly we are all going to do what ever we want anyway. yeah, we might kill innocent creatures that are pests and cause us pain and fear. in the animal kingdom this happens all the time, sakes have killed things to large to eat and just left them, bears have mauled humans to death unproved an then walked away. so seriously, chill out. most mothers are not going to listen to you over the lady who had her kid stung in they eye. we grown ups looking for a solution to something we see as a problem didn't come here to be talked down to like a child in trouble. if you dont like what this post is all about then you should go to some other site.

Yes, it does hurt that bad and yes, I would drown the mice. Putting something to attract them anywhere is not going to happen. Putting traps out, on the other hand, will happen in a heart beat. What is wrong with some of you people? People get stung and are allergic to these stings. The wasps do not stay outside, they find their way inside also. Personally, I think humanity trumps animal.

And just where do you suggest city dwellers release those mice and rats and such after they have trapped them? Maybe you have never had to spend thousands of dollars in electrical repairs for the damage done to the wiring in a home or a car. Lucky you. And here is a CDC page for you listing all the diseases carried by rodents (including mice and rats):

Tara, Get real ! Rats and Mice carry lots of diseases that can be spread to humans and animals. Rats carry a disease that is passed in their feces and urine that can kill a goat in just a few days. It shuts down the kidneys ! Would You prefer to see someone or something die a Slow Painful DEATH ???

Great idea!!! So much less expensive than the ones you can buy. :) I would, however, reccomend NOT using boiling water in the plastic bottle. Either burns or melting the plastic is very likely to happen!!! :)

This is being displayed on PINTERES as a BEE killer too. NOT A GOOD IDEA!PLEASE DO NOT 'KILL' BEES....Bees are so vital to the EVERYTHING that grows outdoors. Unless onE is bothering you, don't just kill randomly kill as many as you can.? Without bees NOTHING would grow outside. BEES are so important to our the American farmer! They pollinate all fruits and vegtables.....THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA! In recent years that has been a tremendous 'decline' in the bee population. In some cases farmers have to rent bees to pollinate their crops.....

I made two of these after reading about it several weeks ago. We used vinegar in one and dissolved brown sugar in the other. So far, 0 wasp. I drained them and tried sugar water. Next, I will try the meat idea. I live on 5 acres and have trapped NO honey bees.

clever idea, but i wonder if the traps with sweet bait or meat will attract bears to the yard. we have lots of beautiful bears in the area, but i don't want to encourage to much visiting. saw a momma and yearling wander through the back yard a couple of days ago.

How do the wasps die if you put meat in? I get that they drown in the liquid but I am confused about the meat. Aren't they just going to eat and leave? My hubby is deathly allergic and we have a ton of wasps!

We really need to make these for our camping property. Some years the wasps are just unbearable. I can see making a lot of these and placing them all around. I buy the ones at the hardware store, but you have to buy the bee hormone and blah, blah, blah!! This looks much easier and cheaper!

Great idea, but I agree with earlier posters. No sugar water!! As that will attract honey bees. Beekeepers use sugar water to feed their bees in the spring when there isn't enough nectar around, so the bees WILL go for it. Remember, honey bees will NOT sting you if you don't harass them first. This is why beekeepers are relatively safe handling them They do occasionally sting beekeepers because they feel threatened when the beekeeper is messing with their hive. If they don't have anything to defend (IE: queen, hive, sister-in-arms, life, pollen) they won't attack you. But if you kill one, the rest will attack.

WE have a horrible problem with yellow flies (not yellow jackets) on our creekside dock. Does anyone know if this will work ? I was thinking of the meat ,too because they are attracted to me ! How about the smell? does it get too ripe to Hang around? Our dock is a good distance from my garden and the cirtus trees where the bees hang out! Thanks!

You guys are killing me with your fears of killing the bee's, I have a glass wasp trap I use sugar water and have never caught one honey bee in it. And yes there is a bee farm not but a mile away from me, the bee's are more attracted to my flowers and my bird bath's. They don't even bother with my hummingbird feeders.

Just curious if this trap works on flies? Because fles love to lay their eggs on rotting flesh so in an attempt to make sure that honey bees don't get stuck in the trap you are making a breeding ground for flies who are IMO worse than mosquito and bees as far as being annoying.

I have large hornets also, they flock around my humming bird feeders and chase the humming birds away (so I have several feeders to compensate for this problem) I live dangerously and use the wet dry vac and suck the hornets in it (have been lucky not to get stung so far) I am going to try the drink bottle trick with water and vinegar with floating crumbled up hot dogs in it for my wasp problem. thanks everyone for sharing you ideas.

in my experience orange juice works the best in these traps and as far as honey bees go.. well wasps and hornets kill and eat them so they pretty much stay away from them and i have never caught the first honey bee in a trap with oj as the bait.

Not only does it trap yellow jackets and wasps but apparently it also attracts and excites nuts. I have used similar traps for years and I have never seen a bee of any kind in one. Yellow jackets and other wasps forage about the distance of two football fields from the nest. Around human habitation they don't have to go as far because of rich food sources. The problem with Yellow Jackets is that a nest can be huge and have as many as 15,000 in it. No human can tolerate more than a dozen or so stings allergic or not. Yellow jackets sting in mass and are extremely dangerous to human and other animals. If a nest is not destroyed, it continues to grow. The easiest way to destroy a nest is to pour a pint of gasolene down the entrance at night. No need to light it-the gas sinks and kills the nest and evaporates quickly. To prevent Yellow Jackets from building in your yard simply spray a dilute commercial insecticide on the yard twice a year and they will find somewhere else to live. Remember, Yellow Jackets are agitated by vibration as in lawn mowers, tractors and even the footsteps of toddlers.

Here in Florida we have an invassive bug problem luv bugs which were brought over to help the plantations (which are just a nusance),asian cocroaches, but then african bees that are more aggressive(killer bees) they kill off the honey bees aswell & make massive hives. The misquitos carry deadly disease. Lizards are other invaders that don't seem to even dent the bug population. Fire ants I believe are native but still don't want them around the home. We get wasp nests by our windows so hoping this will help. The pesticides get washed away easily but plus w/ kids I don't really like it. I'm thankful for whatever help I can get to keep them away from my home & kids so thanks.

These days you dont have to be "hysterical" for a bee to sting, My son has been stung just walking thru the yard, guess that was "hysterical" enough for the bee! Some people have phobia's, mice, spiders, and bee's. This is the world we live in, If I could make a spider trap, I would do it! I do not want Bee's ANY bee's coming into my house at any time, I live in the country so they are everywhere! I just killed a dozen wasps 2 weekends ago, cause it was "warm" out. I dont care if it is just a little "sting"! Everyone reacts to that little "sting" differently and I dont want that little sting and I dont want my son to get stung and possible have another bad reaction (no not allergic, just bad reaction) and I certainly dont want my dog to get stung or have her try to bite one! So everyone that thinks oh its just a "Bee" get over it, YOU GET OVER IT, I plan on killing them! Thanks for the trap info, oh and you all that want us to get over you, I suppose you have No fears what so ever right?!

If your child is allergic to wasp then you would do anything to get rid of them! This is a logical way without poisonous chemicals. Save the Honey Bees for the garden and Kill the wasps for the safety of the child!

If you have never been stung by wasps or yellow jackets you have no experience of the pain they can cause a person. I was stung by nine yellow jackets (counted the stings later) they do not sting and fly away. They stayed on me digging their stinger in until I mashed them or knocked them off. They do most definitely hurt and I also developed a secondary infection on some of the sting spots. I had to go to the doctor for treatment.

According to most of the experienced trappers here the traps do not attract bees but will kill wasp and yellow jackets. I see no reason why a person should not protect their family from anything that can cause pain or even death.

As a mother of 2, with one deathly allergic to wasps and yellow jackets, you best believe that I will use whatever means possible to KILL them. Until you have seen your child laying on the ground, in full anaphylactic shock, paramedics intubating her, lips turning blue, do not tell me " oh don't kill the wasps, it's just a little sting." It is ridiculous when some people put the live of a dangerous insect above that of a child. As for carrying the Epi-pen, well that time it didn't work. Will be making this tomorrow!

I understand the comments from people who are severely allergic to stings or have loved ones who are. Many people who are not allergic, just find the bees or wasps annoying or have a fear of all wild things in general, snakes, spiders, coyotes, birds, you name it.

Wasps and bees are pollinators and generally should not be killed. Wasps prey on web worms and other caterpillars, which eat up pecan trees...and other trees. They (the wasps and bees) are beneficial to our habitat, some might say, more than humans ie a wasp may sting you but it will not rob your house or dump pollution into your water/land/air or lie to you. Wasps and bees are wild things which are part of our natural world. They have a job to do. So, don't kill them, learn to live with and appreciate them by educating yourself to their role in the web of life.

I absolutely love all the armchair environmentalists posting in this forum. FYI... the computer you are currently using and the power needed to generated the electricity for you to make your ignorant posts pollute this planet more than killing a million wasps. So unless you are telepathically posting in this forum using mental waves of energy, pooping in your garden for fertilizer, walking everywhere you go, yada yada yada... don't you dare fret over a simple solution to invading wasps. These "catchers" wouldn't even touch the population. Now smog, human wastes, auto pollution, deforestation (do you live in a hole in the ground or a house made of wood?)etc... that is what really dessimates populations.

Think before you speak. The reason we have so many environmental problems is because there are too many humans and, up until 1970, there were no environmental laws. Do you think all of that pollution that has been dumped freely into our ecosystems just "goes away" simply because you recycle and eat organic in the year 2013? Btw... for those that don't know, plastic is recycleable now.

So everyone who is human, living, and/or born on or before 1952... be weary of your wagging finger. seems that everyone is getting their dander up...simple solution. In the cap of the bottle, make a hole small enough to prevent the honey bees from getting in but large enough for the yellow jacks and wasps to get in. Don't un-cap the bottle, just put the cap on with the small hole instead. Problem solved.

For wasps I use brown paper bags, wad up a handful of brown paper bag, get a thumbtack and put several around the outside of your house, wasps are territorial and they see a nest and keep going. Has worked for me. several years now.

Wow. Hippies! I farm organic and we a very much trying to drgrid ourselves, buts wasps are nothing more then a pain, literally! Myself and one of my kids is allergic to them. Never caught a honey bee in one we have made. And we have a 60ft dead tree 60 ft from our shed we keep supply's ( and wasp in) .. Relax people. Not trapping kittens or seals in the darn things! Ugh!

We never messed with the wasps until now. Two days ago my 36 year old daughter who had never had a bad reaction to a wasp sting ended up in the ER after being stung. Has no insurance, and epipens cost $350. Love the wasp trap!!!!!

Wasps are Nature's Land Mine. They hide in EVERYTHING, and wait 'till you are right on top of them they they pop out like an organic claymore. I'm building the trap, all right. It's for the ones I don't kill with spray when I go around at night to kill them in their waspy beds.

to those of you that keep saying that wasps eat mosquitoes....wasps are typically known to eat insects such as spiders, caterpillars, ants, bees and flies inside of which they are typically born. However, paper wasps, which are most common, can only drink and will feed on honeydew and nectar

In the pacific Northwest overly ripened pears, and an oily fish (I.E. salmon, herring, anchovy)Is the best bait that work for wasps and hornets. It DOES NOT attract any of the pollinators. Just be sure to keep it down wind when it gets ripe!!!!

For Washington and Oregon free bee removal; They relocate pollinators, and use wasp for medical care and research. Also sell bumblebee hives for pollination.

Beer really works well! Our large dog was almost killed by a swarm of yellow jackets a couple of years ago and I've been making this trap for that reason alone until I discovered how well it works on fruit flies, flies and mosquitoes as well!

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I use one for flies in the summer. I use vodka for the liquid. For some reason they are attracted to it. They sink instantly, so they never bounce off the surface and fly out. It also keeps the liquid from getting nasty. Once a week or so i dump it out. The chickens love it. They don't seem to get drunk.

I did an experiment last summer because we have a big problem with wasps/yellow jackets ( not sure yet what they are). I had 2 glass , high fluted bottles and put the sugar water in both. But for one I boiled the water and sugar until the sugar was dissolved and brought it out within hours it had many in the bottle and more as the days went by. So i got out the other bottle that was the same and mixed together sugar and water without boiling it and put it out - hardly any went in but a few. I think there was something to the boiling???

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