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The Moroccan Dream!

The Moroccan Dream!

The Moroccan Dream!

Elle Decor is one of my favorite home design and decor magazines because it cannot provide an abundance of breathtaking images from gorgeous, well-designed homes from around the world. Actually, my Elle Decor subscription ran out a few months ago, but these images reminded me of why I should renew it, and I did it - just this morning! 22 points for $ 13.95! Anyway, let's get back to the topic at hand ... AMAZING HOUSE IN MOROCCO! So far, it is certainly the Moorish architecture and Moroccan / Middle Eastern decor, style, design and so on. You should know I admire you. Classic, I find bohemian .... this bohemian painter! Hehe ... Anyway, in short, I love it! So imagine my pale eyes, oohs and ahhs and longings when I come across these stunning images published in the latest issue of the Hand Series! The article, titled "The Jewel of a House in Morocco," includes the home of fashion designer Liza Bruce and her husband, artist Nicholas Alvis Vega, in Marrakech. The couple has various houses in the world and the article states that "high quality nomads" live their lives. Sounds sexy to me. They have a good, absolutely perfect taste for them.

Anyway, do I need to talk more about this house? Just take a look .... get inspired ... heck, I'm definitely inspired!

Go ahead and breathe indoors.

Gorgeous bathroom (right) .... The traditional 8-pointed Moroccan star-shaped color and mirror art pattern definitely has to die!

Every room has an eclectic world feel of beauty, color and eclectic ... very comfortable!

And now, slut on the outside !! ....

All this crisp white cactus that looks quite awesome against its gorgeous architecture :)

Holy Cow ... I want to touch the pink tables / stools and this cactus garden porch launched by Suzani twice!

Now, for the grand finale .... every morning coffee on this big patio? YES PLEASE! Outside the magnificent cactus growers and the magnificent floor hall .... what a view ... how dreamy ...

What is the best way to replant your lawn?

If you're tired of tanning in your garden, lifeless grass stains or stubborn heaps of crab grass, there may be time to refresh your lawn. There are several ways to regenerate your lawn, but sometimes damage can be too heavy for a quick repair. Destroy your entire garden - lawns and all - for complete regeneration and sprinkle brand new grass seeds on the lawn.

Step 1

Determine whether to install a new series of cold season grass or warm season grass. Cold season grasses - as the name suggests - grow in cold months. Warm season grasses develop well in warmer weather. Your seed selection determines when you need to plant your new seeds. Start sowing seeds in the warm season in early spring and plant seeds in the warm season in early autumn.

Step 2

Kill your old herbs with herbicides. Spray the herbicides directly on the grass. Avoid spraying everything you don't want to die for (trees, bushes and flowers, for example). Begin the destruction of old herbs early, because it may take several weeks for the herbicides to function properly. Read the instructions for herbicide containers carefully before use.

Step 3

Turn the soil 6 inches up in your garden. Use a shovel for small areas. Larger grass areas may require rototiller. A rototiller is a machine specially designed to break up soil. Break up piles of soil larger than your fist.

Step 4

Pour your grass seeds into a manually pushed seed spreader. Bring the seed drill to the corner of the garden and start pushing it slowly and steadily. Walk along a zigzag line in your garden, distributing the seeds evenly across the raised soil.

Step 5

Apply a thin layer of soil over the freshly sown seeds. This helps to protect them from hungry birds and other animals that may try to eat your seeds. Water the lawn with a soft water spray.