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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend Project # 1 - Terrariums for Pinterest Challenge

I love projects and Pinterest, so I thought of the perfect pins when I created the 2nd Pinterest Challenge after Sherry finished at Young House Love. Dylan brought me these wonderful fish bowl bookstores two birthdays before and we had little success in keeping any fish alive. (R.I.P Goldfish 1, Goldfish 2, Goldfish 3, Goldfish 4, Betta 1 and Betta 2 - you were condemned from the beginning.) Suddenly I thought there might be terrariums for me! No lids, so mossy diomas were out of the question, but after a little research, I found that juicy fruits would be perfect. 2015 UPDATE: Terrariums 2.0 arrived! Click here to see how terrariums survived a few moves and refreshed a bit this year.

Kim, I've had the best chance of neglecting succulents, but I've been diluting them for a few weeks. For best advice I should refer to the care instructions that come with individual plants.

This is just a random fact for you :) I worked at PetSmart a few years ago in "animal care" and sold the fish, you know from the giant tank walls? The goldfish died very quickly because they need a filter and a large tank. A lot of people don't know it, including before they started working in a pet store. They give enough ammonia to suffocate. I had to refuse to sell Goldfish to people who didn't filter in a 10-gallon tank. Put the money in them and they can grow up and live for a very long time. Bettas .... perhaps studying too often? They only need to feed a few pellets every 3 days I think. Just in case you want fish! :) I love terrariums .... ABSOLUTELY doing it! Thank you!

I have a question: I thought the water should be drained from the container. If the water does not drain, will the fruits rot? I think this happened at my jade factory, so I had to buy a new one and put it in a perforated terracotta pot to drain the water.

I love this idea, but I don't want Jade and Spike to die!

I love terrariums and succulents, and here they are! Good idea. My favorite pictures are the rollers with different layers under the succulents. There are obviously dirt and rocks, but what are the other layers? Black goods charcoal?

I'm very sorry, but these bowls should not be sold to hunt fish ... fish in such a cramped and easily polluted environment is very low probability of survival. It wasn't your fault, you didn't know how to find a creative, beautiful, humane alternative, and you did a good job.

It works as a drainage layer from my research before creating my terrariums by placing one inch or so of large pea gravel at the bottom of the container. He also says that most instructions put 1/2 inch hard coal on top of it ... I couldn't find it in my Home Depot, so I'm experimenting without it.

My general advice about terrariums is to give small amounts of water. You'll be amazed at how successful juicy sausages really need to be. In fact, for a few months before I dumped and watered him, I left a small pot exposed to the roots and returned.

Let me know if you have any further questions! I'il do my best to answer. Thank you for reading!

A little note on the coal ... if you can't find it loose, buy a canister filter for an aquarium pump. Open them and a bowl should be enough for a filter. Three filters in one box. Rinse the filter before opening it so you can remove all dust.

Every week I water mine for several weeks, usually when soil is tested or when I don't see moisture in the layers. When it comes to dusting, I use a paper towel that I wet with water or a little Windex and reach to wipe the glass. For the moment I feel it's getting rid of the dust on the rocks in the water, but in the future, something like an old make-up brush or slider can remove the excess residue.

I'm doing this too. Thank you for sharing this .. "SUPER SEX" would be a problem if I say the idea :) The only thing I'm worried about .. You have to bury the root of the soil and cover it with pebbles again?

I've been researching this since I read your blog. I love this idea, I'm a plant killer :( The idea of ??keeping juices and something alive is really exciting! I read, they need 5-6 hours a day in sunlight and they need water every 2 weeks.

You can buy charcoal at a pet shop near the aquarium supplies. Used to help keep water filtered in an aquarium. Same thing in the terrarium. I also used the bottom aquarium rocks, charcoal, a window glass layer and then the dirt. Extreme water flows into rock and coal. The sieve prevents the soil from washing on the rock. I had a time more than a year and it was wonderful.

For proper drainage a good layer of coal is very important. You can buy it at any pet store. Consult a Salesperson in the aquarium section. It comes in a container that has "Activated Charcoal". It costs about $ 5.99 for 64 oz depending on the amount. Good Luck: =)

I am Brittany - designer, illustrator, list maker, host, craftsman and traveler. I hope I get a book full of stories telling my grandchildren that they're going to have a snowy day while having coffee and holding hands with my husband Dylan.

What is the best way to replant your lawn?

If you're tired of tanning in your garden, lifeless grass stains or stubborn heaps of crab grass, there may be time to refresh your lawn. There are several ways to regenerate your lawn, but sometimes damage can be too heavy for a quick repair. Destroy your entire garden - lawns and all - for complete regeneration and sprinkle brand new grass seeds on the lawn.

Step 1

Determine whether to install a new series of cold season grass or warm season grass. Cold season grasses - as the name suggests - grow in cold months. Warm season grasses develop well in warmer weather. Your seed selection determines when you need to plant your new seeds. Start sowing seeds in the warm season in early spring and plant seeds in the warm season in early autumn.

Step 2

Kill your old herbs with herbicides. Spray the herbicides directly on the grass. Avoid spraying everything you don't want to die for (trees, bushes and flowers, for example). Begin the destruction of old herbs early, because it may take several weeks for the herbicides to function properly. Read the instructions for herbicide containers carefully before use.

Step 3

Turn the soil 6 inches up in your garden. Use a shovel for small areas. Larger grass areas may require rototiller. A rototiller is a machine specially designed to break up soil. Break up piles of soil larger than your fist.

Step 4

Pour your grass seeds into a manually pushed seed spreader. Bring the seed drill to the corner of the garden and start pushing it slowly and steadily. Walk along a zigzag line in your garden, distributing the seeds evenly across the raised soil.

Step 5

Apply a thin layer of soil over the freshly sown seeds. This helps to protect them from hungry birds and other animals that may try to eat your seeds. Water the lawn with a soft water spray.