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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Whata Wata Fountain

Update: If you found this post via Pinterest or another site with DIY fountains, make sure a new block is made with BRAND NEW fountain How-To! A little more developed, but it turned out really cool :) -Jessica

I have this idea in my head for weeks, I have to have a pond in my backyard. No, it's not a bulldozer-bulldozer-and-goose-us-a-pond pond, but one of those small, tricking, miniponds you can buy the kit for Home Depot. Dan fixed the flower fields and the garden so beautifully that I felt like a cherry on top of a really beautiful backyard. Not everyone agreed with this idea (fazla too much work)) and I left my pond quite quickly. So the gears began to spin and I prepared an alternative pond plan (APP for short).

I work next to an Ollie's Bargain Outlet (whose motto is random, Good Things Cheap) and I often find myself viewing the corridors. I came across some pot-buying sections filled with giant flowerpots that people put in their gardens. They got a 20% discount on Ollie's discount price ... they can't beat it! That's why I bought three of the same color in graduation. My mom bought a minipond pump for me from a garage sale, so she was already on my way with the APP.

I now put a wine cork in the drain hole of the largest pot and pass the liquid nail over the edge for a seal.

I was a bit out of it and forgot to take pictures during the stacking of pots. But basically, I turned the two terra cotta doors inside the two biggest pots to make the bases. The water pipe is passed through holes with a threaded rod for support.

I realized that until all this mess came together, all the water would continue to leak into the bottom container without closing all the drainage holes. So when I went to Home Depot, Dan went to get me some Big Items.

I tore it all up and put it in every drain hole when I saved it up.


I just added some river stone to the bottom of each container to fill a gap.

But here's the finished APP .... a beautiful trickery fountain!

The water was a little cloudy, because the rocks were dirty and it wasn't like a chattering stream. But the water comes from below and spills on it ... so I'm happy :)

Sorry for such a late reply! The pump is really small and sits at the bottom of the largest pot. There's a little plastic hose attached to the middle that circulates the water.

I love this idea, and it was just what I wanted to create in my little garden in front of my house. I wonder, did you have to seal the terracotta vessels in blue containers and what size of pump did you use? Did you also cut the rod where you connected the rubber hose? Stacey

Hello, Stacey! Thanks for your comment. I didn't seal the terracotta pots - the only “sealer ığ I used was the Great Materials in the holes. Terracotta ones are for keeping the blue ones higher. The pump was really small (I bought it from a garage sale) and when looking back I would buy one with a higher GPH rate. Home Depot sells several different sizes with all the features in the box. I reached the right height by cutting the threaded rod. I used my Dremel instrument with metal tip w / w. You can also use a hacksaw to cut. I hope this helps and you are free to ask more questions! :)

Hello - thanks for your comment! The pump sits at the bottom of the large container and the cord flows from the side (behind) of the container and is connected to the extension cable. Since it is in the garden, the plants grow around it and often hide the cord. I hope it helps! Jess


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