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Moss in your city

Moss in your city

Moss in your city

The project of the Norwegian design studio PUSHAK was established during the London Architecture Festival. I

Moss in your city

The project of the Norwegian design studio PUSHAK was established during the London Architecture Festival. I

Terramac Moss Carpet

Terramac® of Unika Ltd is made from a combined biodegradable plant biomass

With some kind of resin to form a fabric that works as a planter box

and grow algae and small plants indoors as a live carpet.


Helen Nodding's Moss Graffiti Recipe


1 cans of beer (others use yogurt or buttermilk)

1/2 teaspoon of sugar

Several clusters of moss in the garden


You will also need a plastic container (with lid),

a blender and a paint brush


To start the recipe, first collect a few algae (algae are usually found in damp, shady places) and shred them into a mixer. Then add the beer and sugar and mix to a smooth, creamy consistency. Now pour the mixture into a plastic container.

Find a damp, shaded wall where you can apply algae milkshakes on it. Paint your chosen design on the wall (using a free hand or template). If possible, try to return to the area in the coming weeks to keep the mixture moist. Soon collated algae lice should begin to reunite into a rooted plant, preserving the design of your choice before colonizing the entire area.

Heart We cannot separate the human heart from the environment outside, and we cannot say that once one of these is corrected, everything will be improved. Human is organic with the world. Inner life molds the environment and is deeply influenced by itself. One affects the other, and any change in a person's life is the result of these mutual reactions…

Next to my house I found a rock in a dry river bed with two eyes and a mouth with moss. If you have an e-mail, I can send you a photo. The rock is 25 ' tall, 14 ' wide and approximately 125 pounds.The face 5 ' Acrost. Real and not touched. Thank you.

I think if the moss grows on rocks it definitely grows on the canvas. I guess the question is: does a gesso floor prevent the canvas from rot and mold on the back? Moss needs some water here and there, so I think a cotton canvas with a puddle will take a few years. Canvas with a heavy gesso, maybe a few years longer… I'm just guessing iyor Sounds so much fun… maybe it lasts longer than masonite or wood…. You have other opinions… please.

A canvas with Gesso can work depending on whether it is waterproof or not. Oils and acrylic paints are waterproof, but I don't know if they will grow on algae. You can find waterproof canvas, but once again, algae may not like synthetic material. If I were you, I would try very heavy cotton or linen canvas, and when you get older, you can find a nice shaded place outdoors and put a new one inside.

I love the “edges deki on your website, which contain close-up pictures of plants, many of which are variegated. I'm a gardener who loves variegated plants and wants to know the English (and latin if applicable) names of these wonderful plants. I don't know some…

I was wondering why I didn't see Irish Moss in any of the paintings. I've just finished planting 70 Irish moss between paving stones and a sunny area and hope it will be a nice place. Why you do not use? Thanks.

Garden Care Tools

Equipping yourself with knowledge of care goes a long way in your DIY garden project. Continue reading the following for basic tips you will need, including weed control.

Having the necessary tools

Your hands are not the only tools you need for gardening, but you don't need to buy too many tools at once. Instead, focus on the basic tools to help you with your gardening.

Gloves: Without the right pair of gloves, you may have to deal with splinter shortage. Do not buy large gloves because they are difficult to use. Also, be sure to keep yourself away from insects and water when storing.

Hand trowel: Perfect for digging around and planting.

Spade: It makes it easier to dig holes and move mounds from one place to another.

Rake: It is a very important tool if you want to keep your garden clean from debris and leaves.

Hoe: Choose an anchor according to your garden type. If your garden is perennial, you may need a finer hoe.

Loppers: If you have something to walk around in your garden, you need a couple.

Long hose: Select the one with rain bar and adjustable nozzle.

Wheelbarrow: If you use compost or have a backyard with more soil, you need it. It can help you take a pound and pound.


Cutting off overgrown or dead trunks and branches is a fundamental task to keep your plants free from infections and diseases. Other garden plants such as shrubs, trees and roses need to be cared for and pruned.

Tip: When pruning trees, you should not remove 30% of the leaves of a tree at once. You can ask your garden experts to determine the pruning method you need for the task at hand.

At the end of winter, damaged shrubs and trees buddha. Never wait until spring. Keep in mind that damaged or injured stems and leaves can become infected and make the disease even stronger. It is better to trim the pruning or pruning of the broken limbs, even if the storms in winter cause other damage.