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September 28, 2010

Garden Tools Shed Arrangement

Last weekend, my husband and I started preparing our garden for autumn and winter. It was a great weekend - so I was researching a project I could do while spending time outside. Organizing the garden tool in our backyard was a great choice. It was a fun and useful project. Except for a really big spider crawling on my arm. THIS was exciting (and embarrassing) but wasn't fun by any means.

However, the spiders were about enough. Do you want to see a photo

At a time when the child's outdoor toys appeared to be incredibly large and plentiful, we bought this vehicle a few years ago (from Destination) in the club. The interesting thing about the added storage - dollars quickly! You're starting to wonder how you live with your new warehouse. This is our cabin. Now it is home to flower pots, watering can, garden tools and gloves and sprinklers as well as other garden items such as hammocks, sprinklers, citronella oil lamps and fire pits. (It is apparently the home of one or two spiders.)

The first step was to unload the hut and the like. I also wandered into the garden and emptied most of the pots, leaving only one pot for a pot mother. I'm at this point of the season when I'm just above everything üzerinde and having a single pot to attend, of course, is plenty. I cleaned the pots and washed the horticultural tools, I thought that I would be really pleased with myself when spring time came, and everything was already clean. And I also lowered the cabin itself. Then it was time to refill. For storage, I also used some of the items that needed to be stored, which meant that the entire storage area was free.

Two clay pottery full of sand holds gardening tools.

A third clay pot holds the garden gloves.

The long clay pot holds open candle holders and…

... holds a galvanized bucket of hummingbird food.

I've nested empty containers to make best use of the available space… and grouped similar items together to create zones. One of my primary goals was to use the vertical space as much as possible and make the fire pit and hammock easily accessible, because hopefully we will use these two items this fall.

After all, it was a fun little project, and even though I didn't use or see much of this space - it feels good to be done. Organizing, as you know, every little step forward feels good and gives you the energy to do more. Making outdoor projects means that I can draw my attention before the holidays begin and finish a few decoration projects. Bravo!

What's on your to-do list? Will you organize any outdoor organization in your garden shed or garage? Do you have any decoration projects in your to-do list? I'd love to hear what you're planning to fall. Thanks for sharing !!

You always inspire me! We really need to make a complete garage novel (which would include all my pots and other garden items). We normally do it on July 4th, and we call it "freedom of mess" but we haven't done it this year in our new baby life, so this article makes me think this should be my next organization project. The weather was perfect here, so I'll make it our weekend project. Thanks for the motivation!

Behind a larger shed are 2 small sheds (garden sheds) (lawn mower, snow shovel, electric washing machine, metal filing cabinets holding house paper). I hired two little garden gardens and organized them like you did. I put nectar, seeds, everything the mice could eat in plastic shoe box containers. We spent them a few years, no rats. They also have lawn chemicals in a large plastic container. In the spring in a beautiful way everything is neatly organized, clean and dry for immediate use. I still use my stuff in Chicago, still good weather.

Garden Care Tools

Equipping yourself with knowledge of care goes a long way in your DIY garden project. Continue reading the following for basic tips you will need, including weed control.

Having the necessary tools

Your hands are not the only tools you need for gardening, but you don't need to buy too many tools at once. Instead, focus on the basic tools to help you with your gardening.

Gloves: Without the right pair of gloves, you may have to deal with splinter shortage. Do not buy large gloves because they are difficult to use. Also, be sure to keep yourself away from insects and water when storing.

Hand trowel: Perfect for digging around and planting.

Spade: It makes it easier to dig holes and move mounds from one place to another.

Rake: It is a very important tool if you want to keep your garden clean from debris and leaves.

Hoe: Choose an anchor according to your garden type. If your garden is perennial, you may need a finer hoe.

Loppers: If you have something to walk around in your garden, you need a couple.

Long hose: Select the one with rain bar and adjustable nozzle.

Wheelbarrow: If you use compost or have a backyard with more soil, you need it. It can help you take a pound and pound.


Cutting off overgrown or dead trunks and branches is a fundamental task to keep your plants free from infections and diseases. Other garden plants such as shrubs, trees and roses need to be cared for and pruned.

Tip: When pruning trees, you should not remove 30% of the leaves of a tree at once. You can ask your garden experts to determine the pruning method you need for the task at hand.

At the end of winter, damaged shrubs and trees buddha. Never wait until spring. Keep in mind that damaged or injured stems and leaves can become infected and make the disease even stronger. It is better to trim the pruning or pruning of the broken limbs, even if the storms in winter cause other damage.