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Saturday, July 26, 2008

One of the most delicious treats from the garden should be fresh pesto. Here you can get my recipe for fresh pesto. To this end, I planted some basil in my garden a few years ago. What a little basil plant. I put it in my garden, watered it, and grazed and waited. (Obviously these are not the usual pictures at the time, but from my point of view they do.) There was not enough basil to leave a glass of pesto and make a good spring roll. I've decided that growth is a secret. So .... last year at the Baker Creek Spring Garden Show, I met a nice man who sold amazing plants that allowed me to enter SECRET. I didn't have to sell one of my kids to get it. I just had to look miserable to do my best. Then I bought a few of his basil varieties and made the best basil patch ever. Here's the SECRET. . . . . . You have to prune it. Easy hugh!?! Here's how. Look back at the picture of the cute little plant. See how it has two leaves? This is important. In a basil plant the leaves grow twice as opposed to each other. As the small plant stalk sends two leaves will grow more.He should go two leaves and prune them an inch or so.Also another example on my purple plant.To cut the stalk grow branches on two knot leaves. There will be two more leaves on these branches. Cut and grow four more there, until there's a bush big enough to win pesto. Happy thinking. : o) Here's how my small plants look after about three or four pruning. I sent them back this week, and now they're even bigger. Good luck with you guys.

Yeah, that song is there because my son. This is his favorite. I let each of my children choose a song for the jukebox. They like to hear their song coming. It makes them feel special for a minute.

Oh thank you thank you thank you! I knew it had to be number one. I tried to grow growing coriander, basil, parsley and other things and it didn't work very well! I think I know the problem now;) We use medicinal herbs for cooking in our house and medically, so I really need to learn how to make them better!

Since you raised Basil, I thought you might have raised Rosemary. My team is full and growing and I wonder, could you do a tutorial on how to dry the plants and maybe grow garlic? You look very knowledgeable when it comes to grass.

Thank you very much for your great tips. I'm starting my own potted outdoor plant garden and am fixing it today! I'm excited to see how this goes - and your blog music keeps me in a great company! Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with everyone.

Please give your readers the option to turn on the music ... if they want to hear it. Some of us are one of the places where the music is very loud and a little jammed ... and it was inconvenient to find out how to turn it off (was it scrolling to the end of the page ?!) .. by the way, nursing baby woke up and distributed the time you might be viewing the beautiful blog. Really rude ... if people want to hear, show them how to open it ... but the default should be OFF.

Hi - I found this post on Pinterest and wanted to invite you to check out my new Garden Blogging collection site here: We're looking for great articles on any garden, including how it's used and how it's used for fresh produce. Our FAQ and Submission Guidelines have information on everything. Have a nice day!

Yuppi !!! I am very very happy I found your blog via Pinterest !! I always spend $ 5 in the store, I buy a LUSH, BEAUTIFUL Basil plant, I bring it home, I can pick up a few leaves, then I watch as I watch "The return will never grow!! This PATHETIC! I know what will help me now! THANK YOU!

Beautiful basil. Actually last year I sipped thai basil, but I only used it once, I quit. haha. Herbs are one of my favorite parts of the garden and def. It's worth it when you give them some TLC. I'd love to check out my blog: I have a few handwriting and some cooking and crafts. Thanks again!

SOOOO, I'm glad I found your scam with interest! My basil trees are similar to the sad trees shown above, I hope I can proudly show you my basil tree with great tips! Thank you! And keep doing great! PS I'll definitely do one of your aprons :)

I love this article! I didn't know where to cut. I just cut it random when it gets too long. Thank you for sharing! When I cut the mine, I cut the whole part (if I'm not using it for cooking), take back the dirt and it'S GROWING! This is amazing! Now I'm going to have an ENORMOUS facility by cutting right through me (thanks to you) and pasting what I cut the mess! Pesto for everyone !!!

Sharon Kasica, thanks for sending this. I just didn't try to defile her. I planted them until they beat the roots and put them in a glass of water. This way wounds faster.

Basil pruning was really great, helped. It was a big bush that year. It wasn't that big last year, but we were over 100 degrees. F, from the end of April to the end of August. Nothing has grown.

Ah. Just me. God. You don't know how much I need this publication. NO IDEA I looked at how many basil plants I was wondering what I did wrong in the gardener. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou !!!!

Thank you very much for posting this! Right now I'm going out to cut the plants and plant them again! I love my grass! My husband kept telling me that I needed to prune them, but I didn't know where to start! I also dream of preserving my own pesto, so I can't wait to check out the recipe! I also saw a post about homemade strawberry basil soda, it sounds great! ~ Linda

We followed your advice this year - and our facilities look great! Even if you've been away for 3 weeks (besides being a bit dry) the plants are great, we're just having trouble catching all the flowers now - absolutely wonderful

After cutting the stem to allow the new leaves to grow, you can put the stems you have removed into the water ... but first, you can cut the leaves in half and remove the buds on the stem. This encourages you to put the stalk energy into new growing roots, so you have produced a new plant from the parent plant!

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