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Find similar hanging baskets

Find similar hanging baskets

Find similar hanging baskets

they are priced at a dollar store, but also saw it.

economically larger box stores, throughout the season

Wait until you sell them at a deep discount in summer or autumn.

Make spheres in autumn and plants in winter

They happily take root (already hard succulents).

See More about Globes, Globes and Balls;

Purchase two wire hanging baskets of the same size for this project. Those

just below 30 cm (12 inches) among the ones shown here - many sizes available

Available and many shapes.

Find dome-shaped ones - other

The shape does not make a sphere.


used larger ones, but heavier to display

Move once when they are full of soil and plants, so that they can only be placed in a solid frame or on a large and heavy terracotta, cement or hyperflu pot.

Show them.

How to Display Your Meaty Sphere;

Hanging them requires a very strong wire or

chain, as well as a sturdy hook and a safe place to hang them

to hang them.

Since they get very heavy when wet, I sometimes choose to show them in a big planter or pot, so they look like a topiar.

Small lengths can be hung from chains or

The weight of the filled sphere is from the bottom.

For the hanging basket type, use one of each chain to make sure it holds two layers.

I've seen smaller.

those who have the mast yet

Pruning trees.

Or if the sphere is too heavy to hang from the chains, place it in a cool vase or a large terracotta pot, Versailles planter or any container such as a square wooden box.

Fill the sphere with lava or pebbles to provide the perfect drainage you need and put weight on the sphere to stabilize it.

How to Make a Meaty Sphere: A Tutorial:

(Click on any image to see the slideshow);

2pcs choose identical wire lined basket ...

... fill with potting soil - watch out for plywood ...

... when you combine the two baskets

Match the pattern in the wire baskets ...

... with a few short pieces of wire.

Sempervivum plant with chicks - here it is!

So you have two wire baskets. I fill them with Sunshine mixture # 4.

There are additional aggregates for drainage.

Keep this in mind

will eventually disintegrate and hold up too much water, but

Two, the fleshy sphere will be gorgeous.

Hydroponic pot pack

Stir tightly, so that it fills the area completely - air leaves the pockets

As the coconut fiber softens, it allows the lining to sag.

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one piece on a plywood or a thin metal plate

baskets, then turn over the other.


Remove plywood or metals so that the soil remains in place.

Connect the two baskets to each other by at least four edges.

Get the right soil!

Do not use peat moss as some have said to use. If it dries, you can't wet it again. To absorb water, it is important to use something like Sunshine Advanced Mix 4 2.2 with a water retention polymer.

Garden Care Tools

Equipping yourself with knowledge of care goes a long way in your DIY garden project. Continue reading the following for basic tips you will need, including weed control.

Having the necessary tools

Your hands are not the only tools you need for gardening, but you don't need to buy too many tools at once. Instead, focus on the basic tools to help you with your gardening.

Gloves: Without the right pair of gloves, you may have to deal with splinter shortage. Do not buy large gloves because they are difficult to use. Also, be sure to keep yourself away from insects and water when storing.

Hand trowel: Perfect for digging around and planting.

Spade: It makes it easier to dig holes and move mounds from one place to another.

Rake: It is a very important tool if you want to keep your garden clean from debris and leaves.

Hoe: Choose an anchor according to your garden type. If your garden is perennial, you may need a finer hoe.

Loppers: If you have something to walk around in your garden, you need a couple.

Long hose: Select the one with rain bar and adjustable nozzle.

Wheelbarrow: If you use compost or have a backyard with more soil, you need it. It can help you take a pound and pound.


Cutting off overgrown or dead trunks and branches is a fundamental task to keep your plants free from infections and diseases. Other garden plants such as shrubs, trees and roses need to be cared for and pruned.

Tip: When pruning trees, you should not remove 30% of the leaves of a tree at once. You can ask your garden experts to determine the pruning method you need for the task at hand.

At the end of winter, damaged shrubs and trees buddha. Never wait until spring. Keep in mind that damaged or injured stems and leaves can become infected and make the disease even stronger. It is better to trim the pruning or pruning of the broken limbs, even if the storms in winter cause other damage.