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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just the other day, a friend and I were discussing who we would invite to our fantasy dinner parties if we could choose anyone in the world. It’s pretty fun to imagine and I think hearing a person’s invitee choices gives wonderful insight into their personality.

I would choose to invite the following people to my Fantasy Dinner Party:

Gwyneth Paltrow – She is my ultimate style icon.

Brian Williams – He is my favorite news anchor. He is so insightful and he can be really funny. Plus, he’d have the scoop on what’s going on around the world.

Tina Fey- Brainy, hilarious…need I say more?

Jimmy Fallon - I think it would be fun to have him and Tina there. He is so funny and I love that he doesn’t resort to being mean or snarky in his humor. He is simply hilarious and maintains some child-like wonder.

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 - He is incredibly talented and he is super funny. Can you tell I like funny people?

Diane von Furstenberg - DVF is incredibly talented and is such a positive role model for women. I find her so inspiring.

Sarah Jessica Parker – I simply adore SJP and not just because of Sex and the City. She seems like the loveliest person. She is so sweet, intelligent and well-spoken. Plus, she is a major style icon!

Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out - What’s not to love about Jeff’s fantastically sarcastic sense of humor?

Andy Cohen from Bravo - Not only do I think Andy is a creative genius, I love the way he and Jeff play off of each other, so we’d need to have both of them there.

Nate Berkus- He is so sweet and talented. I would love to pick his brain about design.

Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa- This would have had to have been before her Make A Wish Foundation scandal. She has been a huge influence in the way that I cook, so naturally she would be one of my picks. She and Jeff Lewis could also debate about who had designed the best House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year

Anthony Bourdain – What’s the Barefoot Contessa without a subversive counterpart. I love Anthony Bourdain because he is insightful and has such a no-nonsense approach to food and life. He has seen so much and I’d bet he’d have some great stories.

Now that I’ve given you a glimpse into my psyche (I guess I love funny people and Bravo), I’d love for you to share who you would invite to your own Fantasy Dinner Party. Do tell- who would make your list?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How do you feel about lower cabinets being a different color than the upper cabinets? I am particularly interested in hearing your thoughts on having dark countertops with white upper cabinets and grey/greige lower cabinets, like in the kitchen pictured above. I like the contrast and the fact that this combination is a departure from an all-white kitchen, but something keeps me from embracing it 100%. Should I go for all white in my kitchen or should I try a white/grey combo?

We are about to remodel our kitchen- nothing too major, just new countertops, a new backsplash and a nice coat of paint on our maple cabinets. I’m thinking we’ll go with white or greige paint on the cabinets. I was really glad to see that you all still love white cabinetry. So, my next question is on subway tile. Is this another classic that just happens to have oversaturated the blog reader’s psyche or is it a trend that we need to move away from? What are your thoughts on subway tile- love it or leave it?

Today, the lovely Marianne of Haven and Home will be sharing her beautiful “Dream Home” with us. To me, this is the essence of true Southern style with a modern twist. Beautiful job, Marianne!

Hi La Dolce Vita Readers! It is great to be back here! Wow, my dream house....I could do this exercise 12 times and get 12 different versions. I believe that comes with the job description Interior Decorator but here is one version I came up with.I have to laugh that I started with a picture of a house that is under construction but it shows so many elements I love-white exterior, contrast trim, double porches and shutters. Once the house was finished I would make sure the exterior had welcoming touches as well as unexpected details like this outdoor setup... Once inside the house I would like the entry to be bright and cheerful. I love that this room looks put together yet the curtains and ceiling add a bit of playfulness.

There are so many living rooms out there that would suit me just fine but I chose this one because it is unexpected. The lacquer walls add interest along with the colorful furniture and accessories. I would add a rug for some softness although with floors that pretty it may be a crime.

Oh the kitchen, the heart and soul of the house. We love to entertain and dream of the day when we will be able to do so in a spacious kitchen. Ceiling tile? Check. Marble counter tops? Check. Large Island? Check. Eating area with fabulous light? Check. The only thing I would change is either the island color or I would paint the lower cabinets a darker color.

Next would be the dining room which I would like to have a formal yet unstuffy feel. I am also a big believer in large round table when they fit (which is rare).

When it is time to retreat it is off to the bedrooms. My dream master bedroom would have a beautiful, preferably antique upholstered bed, full rich curtains, a plush rug, ample seating, a statement making light and definitely symmetry. I don't believe in symmetry everywhere but I do really like it in bedrooms.

What would a dream master bedroom be without a great bathroom to go along with it?

I chose this bathroom because I love the dark trim on the windows, the natural elements, the amazing natural light and the general laid back feel that comes with it.

While I do spend many a morning loathing my current closet dreaming of the day when I have a large closet that I can dance around in, I also dream of the day when we have a proper laundry room. Something as clean and streamlined as this one (while it lasts)...

For guests I would definitely want to keep the light and airy feel going. I want company to feel like they are on vacation and their room is a retreat that brings peace and quiet.

A peaceful yet interesting bathroom to go with the guest bedroom would look something like this. Simple in theory, but with added details like a great wallpaper and even an upholstered chair.

One more room I wanted to throw in was this boys room. We are expecting a boy in August and really when it comes to a room for little men this one is just about perfect. The color, the storage, lighting inside the bunk beds, the light in room-it all feels youthful but special at the same time.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with so much going on lately, so when I saw the new C Hotel designed by one of my favorite designers, Lázaro Rosa Violán, I really gravitated to its simple, clean design. As usual, Violán plays with scale and height and sticks to a more minimal palette than usual. Everything is white, save for a few accent pieces. This beautiful place is the perfectly soothing on a hectic day.

{This is by far my favorite space in the project. I love the white shutters, the bar, white slipcovered furniture and of course, those gorgeous industrial brass pendants.}

Friday, April 29, 2011

I’ve had my eye on the gorgeous Connaught Hotel in London for quite some time now and would love to stay there during a future trip across the pond. The sitting room in “The Apartment” suite is absolutely gorgeous. I love the soaring, beamed ceilings and while I am not usually a blue person, I really love it in this space. Maybe it’s the excitement of the royal wedding. Who knows! There is such a great mix of textures and fabrics from the sumptuous velvet sofa to the beautiful, show-stopping ombré drapes. The piece de resistance might just be the stunning marble fireplace, though. I love the clean, modern lines amongst the more traditional furnishings.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I really wish I were in London right now to experience the pageantry and excitement of the royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William. I can only imagine what the energy must be like in London right now. Maybe we’ll visit London when Prince Harry decides to walk down the aisle, though I suspect it’ll be a while before he decides to settle down. Will you be tuning in to watch the wedding as it happens early tomorrow morning?

I need to work on my fitness. My crazy schedule as of late has sort of let working out fall by the wayside. Before I know it, the entire day has passed while I type away at the computer for La Dolce Vita, High Gloss, or one of my freelance writing gigs and my good intentions for exercising are blown for the day. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people who “needs” to exercise to get through the day, much like some people need coffee- I don’t need that either. I wish that I were disciplined on the exercising front or that I was addicted to something like running, but I am not. I am just a girl who isn’t exactly athletically gifted and who doesn’t particularly enjoy exercise other than pilates, mostly because I am laying down for the majority of the time.

I know that I need to get back on the wagon, but I need motivation. I’ve heard good things about Tracy Anderson’s DVDs, though some people say they’re REALLY hard and that scares me. So, I’d like to know how you make time for exercise. What is your fitness routine of choice? Do you stick to the same thing or do you mix it up? How often do you work out? How do you keep yourself motivated?

{Do you like working out solo like Cameron Diaz?}

{Are you partial to the buddy system like Lauren and Lo?}

{Are you a runner? This is not happening for me in this lifetime. I have a bad knee.}

{Does your work out come by the way of being a busy woman/mom like Jennifer Garner?}

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today, the lovely Seleta of Simply Seleta shares her “Dream Home” with us. I always enjoy reading about her beautiful family, so it was nice to see how they influenced the home of her dreams.

When Paloma invited me to join in her dream home series, I was thrilled. Daydreaming is something that comes naturally, so this task was right up my alley. These days a farm house seems dreamy. Lots of green with plenty of space for critters and kids would be the perfect setting for our family of six. Since we recently added a horse to our brood, I would welcome a home with acres and acres of rolling hills. I'm imagining the outside would be something like this... Maybe a pool in the backyard for downtime... Now for the kitchen. Crisp cabinets and direct access to nature would be a must. My dream would be greeting our horse and ponies from this spot throughout the day. I like the vibe here...just give me a whopper of an island instead of a table and you've got a deal. Two sinks for our command center would be perfection. Love the effect of this dining room - I know it's an older image but what I like is the relaxed feel and connection to the outside. I would replace the wooden chairs with upholstered seating in this stripe, a pair of wingbacks in a fun solid linen and a mod light fixture to add some sass. In a perfect world our main rooms would be highly edited and bathed in soft tones. This is a lovely look for a living room. I always drool over this unforgettable Victoria Hagan family room. Although for me to consider it family friendly, I would need a squishy big square ottoman upholstered in a small graphic pattern and a few toys scattered around the floor...without some sort of mess I'd be confused. Kid rooms. Our guys tend to bunk up at night, so I'd make each room big and friendly with plenty of snuggly blankets and fresh splashes of color. For the master bedroom it would be all about pure relaxation. Something about a canopy brings such a sense of peace to my brain after a long day. Our bathroom would be neutral and spacious with big windows and a ball and claw tub. His and her closets? No doubt. Off the master would be a library with floor to ceiling bookshelves and plenty of comfortable seating. I would find a way to incorporate a leopard ottoman in the mix. If I were lucky enough to have an office, it would be detached from the home and just like this. Windsor Smith knows how to even make work look pretty. Paloma, thanks letting me dream a little and visit your blog today. It was fun so to be here!

Looking for an Extension Master Gardener program in your state?

Almost all Master Gardener programs in the United States provide education through a state grant university and the Cooperative Extension Service and are considered Extension Master Gardener programs. Extension Master Gardeners receive and recommend university- and research-based information through the Cooperative Extension System. The State Extension Master Gardener programs listed below follow the guidelines below:

The organization is affiliated to a university for the training and training of volunteers.

Their focus is to train EMG volunteers to distribute information to the public.

The organization proposes research-based information to the public.

The organization has a certificate program for volunteers.

The organization has a focus on training rather than promoting commercial products or assets.

Several Master Gardener programs in Canada and the United States are not managed by a public grant university or the Cooperative Extension Service, but are linked to the Extension Master Gardener program through work with the two-year International Master Gardener Conference (IMGC). and look for the Excellence rewards program. Thanks to the IMGC, a tradition of volunteer and educational services is honored.