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Fashion designer John Rocha has proven that he turn his hand to just a...

Fashion designer John Rocha has proven that he turn his hand to just a...

Fashion designer John Rocha has proven that he turn his hand to just about anything - and all from their house in southern France is the most evidence. One of my favorite photographer Richard Powers went and snapped a few shots of her wonderful home by visiting John for me.

exciting and sometimes further away today than ever, we want to find an oasis of calm from the scary faces pressure from day to day. For Dublin-based fashion designer John Rocha itself in south-eastern France to buy holiday homes in St Jean-Cap-Ferrat has chosen white frame house four years ago. And spare geometry, cool limestone floors and white walls, the atmosphere around the peace invasion.

As she walks barefoot and beaming from ear to ear, "This is where I want to come and relax" John says.

John, of course, is no stranger to ambitious design projects. The contribution to the British fashion industry has yet to get just one fashion designer as grossly underestimate their ability to refer to it, to him a CBE in 2002 (Commander of the British Empire) won. It all jeans, jewelry and fashion brands alongside its own lines, internal and Birmingham's Morrison Hotel Dublin's famous Orion rising in building 200 apartments (with more to come in Liverpool and Budapest) is designed for Waterford crystal. After five diffusion clothing ranges for UK department store Debenhams (men, women, children), there homewares and accessories. he says modestly, "I would never do interior design and make it just a way to make some people want me to come work with them." "We always got a couple of internal projects, but my job is still very fashion design full time," John says.

John, who married Odette she lives with partner and muse for 35 years. Hot sun, thanks to a heavenly blue sky and the buzzing of cicadas constantly is home to the ultimate vacation home. On the way, he learned to Peninisula this stretch is old money Picasso to face the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat, where; All French family homes, the slow grace and sophistication oozing charm.

"As I like to create a simple domain and I have something to look around myself," he says.

John's unique style and form and texture, plenty of love in his design for the podium, here it is also very much in evidence. The objects collected on his travels, limestone, glass and color with the occasional hit-point on the shiny wood; plenty to keep wandering eyes.

John the cane (received in Paris Sunday) access, use white seats designed by John for ORIA and Terence Conran furniture pieces pairs to add visual balance throughout the house, such as black seats designed for Michelin building in London. From travels abroad on the coffee table and a collection of pieces inspired by the South of France at the Galerie Madouri a Picasso.

lush tropical planting and dramatic black state infinity's garden is a perfect spot to enjoy the Mediterranean sun by the swimming pool. Furniture slats from a Paris Clignancourt flea market I bought at a market in Nice sunbeds includes a pair of white wires and chairs. glass tables and wooden benches designed by both John Rocha.

impossible to feel stressed here. Beyond John's house is quiet. I know that in the instant holiday surrounded by luscious greenery and greeted his favorite feature with slate-covered 20-meter infinity pool. smooth Italian limestone pavement downstairs open-plan kitchen and dining room ushers. Inside, a large room jammed light from the site two guest bedrooms on the ground floor was flooded with judges.

White Italian limestone, used both inside and out and vast folding doors interior garden to fuse other party. John benches ultra-simple glass table teamed with a pair - both your own design. Pretty tulips by John Rocha Waterford Crystal vase signature appears while a large silver candlesticks that thirty of Nicea in the market. The works in this area has an American photographer Peter Beard. Mixing the smooth and the rough this view is the key - oversized accessories and bold artworks creamy, polished stone offset.

Waterford Crystal John Rocha bed while reading lamps, Indian shooting has a simple design of solid walnut embellished by an embroidered John manually. handy low bench at the foot of the bed is designed by John.

John hand-carved white limestone bathroom itself was designed and elegantly shuttered accompanied by spectacular views of the garden through the windows have him positioned.

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What is the best way to replant your lawn?

If you're tired of tanning in your garden, lifeless grass stains or stubborn heaps of crab grass, there may be time to refresh your lawn. There are several ways to regenerate your lawn, but sometimes damage can be too heavy for a quick repair. Destroy your entire garden - lawns and all - for complete regeneration and sprinkle brand new grass seeds on the lawn.

Step 1

Determine whether to install a new series of cold season grass or warm season grass. Cold season grasses - as the name suggests - grow in cold months. Warm season grasses develop well in warmer weather. Your seed selection determines when you need to plant your new seeds. Start sowing seeds in the warm season in early spring and plant seeds in the warm season in early autumn.

Step 2

Kill your old herbs with herbicides. Spray the herbicides directly on the grass. Avoid spraying everything you don't want to die for (trees, bushes and flowers, for example). Begin the destruction of old herbs early, because it may take several weeks for the herbicides to function properly. Read the instructions for herbicide containers carefully before use.

Step 3

Turn the soil 6 inches up in your garden. Use a shovel for small areas. Larger grass areas may require rototiller. A rototiller is a machine specially designed to break up soil. Break up piles of soil larger than your fist.

Step 4

Pour your grass seeds into a manually pushed seed spreader. Bring the seed drill to the corner of the garden and start pushing it slowly and steadily. Walk along a zigzag line in your garden, distributing the seeds evenly across the raised soil.

Step 5

Apply a thin layer of soil over the freshly sown seeds. This helps to protect them from hungry birds and other animals that may try to eat your seeds. Water the lawn with a soft water spray.