My Recipes Book


Hello there, My name is Amy!

I've loved gardening since I was a kid.

I work, play, cook and live in the incredible city of Florida.

By day I work in Finance, I know, I know, your eyes only spacey with the notice of fund. In the soul of sincerely I ought to likewise reveal to you I went to Economics camp in secondary school, umm twice?? Yell out to the long lasting companions I made there! Be that as it may, it propelled me to study Business Economics in school and has given me a brilliant vocation. But there has always been a part of me that loves to gardening.

My most loved refreshment is WINE.. It is appropriate for dinner blended with OJ, it is required at lunch on a unique event, and at supper it is best chilled with a fine grouping of cheeses. Ohh and the most critical dinner of the day, dessert, I like to combine my wine with cupcakes, or cake, or truly anything with in my garden .

Go around the site and enjoy the gardens.